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Tranny Runner


Harrison Ford is Richard Johnson. A simple man with a deadly gun. Convinced that every woman he meets is, in fact, a transvestite, he goes by in his "female-loathing car" making the world a "better place". Oh yes, there will be blood! Uh-huh, there will be guts! And Yihaa! There will be an incredibly awkward love scene.


                                         DON'T GET READY FOR THE FINAL PRODUCT!



StSBR The Windows Scene

 This is the first Blade Runner scene. The first and the last one of them to be made with a PC.



StSBR The Acid Trip Scene


The Acid Trip Scene was intended to be the opening scene. Just to give a general idea of Dick and how his mind works. Poorly. It functions poorly here.



StSBR The BSOD Scene


The Blue Screen of Death is the thin red line of the whole story. Everything revolves around the fact that nothing works. In this scene Dick has an encounter with Dr. "Evil" Heinrich Hamf-Noodle, the man who stole his girlfriend. Keeping it civilized, Dick keeps his cool and has an interesting powwow with good ol' doctor, the gynecologist, his girl's new man... How can he compete with a professional? Well... There is another scene in which he's trying out "the dork move". Which completely fails. I won't give you the details, but he ends up shooting her in the back as she plummets through a glass window and dies. Yes, he lives a "female-loathing life".


StSBR The Balcony Scene


 Dick enjoys a late night drink in his backyard balcony. I don't know why he lives next to the waste treatment center, but that's the way it is. Maybe someone just decided to build a house there and cover it with Ennis House tiles.