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Aha Shreds


Ha-Ha! The new tee-hee.

Short film once pitched to Hollywood studios but rejected with a bloody tittie twist. This film has it all. Action, romance and of course, Nazis.

Allegedly, the score was a collaboration of over twenty film scoring greats. Williams, Silvestri, Bieber, you name it, but unfortunately, the budget was completely overthown and the filmmakers didn’t have enough money to hire even a mediocre orchestra to play the score.

The film was then shelved and left unfinished in the basement of the pub(l)ic library (thus the color changes in the footage). It was later rediscovered by a lonely teenager, but he didn’t know what it was, so he just left it there. Some few years later someone uploaded the finished film on YouTube causing a huge impact on underground culture.

It has been widely speculated that the soundtrack might indeed be real because it seems to have many nuances that resemble the works of the original scoring group. The uploader has never been found, because YouTube closed his account for copyright violation immediately after they noticed it was better than the usual junk on their site.

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