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Steve Vai Triple Shreds


Three’s a crowd.

‘Less we talkin’ ’bout good ol’ Steve! In that case: Triple the neck, double the voltage and we’re good to go… To fucking NOWHERE!

What? No thanks. I’m not hopping on THIS bandwagon, you hear me! Not until Steve delivers scientific proof those leather pants of his don’t contain any recent semen. I don’t care how many years you play with Zappa, nobody has THAT much fun with THOSE kind of tunes. What we see here is that special kind of joy which can only be produced by one certain axe, and I’m not talking about that triple neck Steve’s doodling with here!

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Steve doing charity gigs. These folks at the Institute of Hearing Impaired sure seem to enjoy his manic guitar wankery. You know what they say, “Steve’s playing never falls to deaf ears.”

Okay… that joke was not politically correct and I apologize – Of course his playing falls to deaf ears.

“If I actually played like that, perhaps I could finally be on MTV and in Rolling Stone and have a real career.”

Steve Vai


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